Best Ideas to Wear Your Attack on Titan Cloaks

Attack On Titan is a popular Japanese manga show with a dark fantasy-themed plot. The show’s first episode aired in 2013, and has conquered a significant fanbase ever since. Multiple AOT fan-made products are available in the market. However, the attack on titan cloak has gained considerable traction.

The cloak has an artistic style with a hood, a wide falling cape, and a snap-in button to keep the cloak in place. It makes a splendid choice for teenagers and young adults.

The admiration of the product is understandable, but where can you use this cloak? Of course, the educational institutes won’t be making it a part of their uniform!

What Materials Are Used in Attack on Titan Cloaks?

The cloak is made from soft, premium-quality polyester material. Since the material is pure without any alteration, the cloaks provide impressive qualities.

They are quick-drying, wrinkle-free and abrasion-resistant, which makes them ideal for outdoor playing. The Attack On Titan cloaks are available in black and green colors, with a pasted manga logo at the backside.

Fantastic Ideas to Use Your Attack on Titan Cloak

Attack On Titan cloak is a popular purchase; almost every fan has one. But still, most of them are looking for the perfect opportunity to use them. Here is a list of events where you can wear your AOT cloak to spark some envy!

Halloween Party

Kids and teenagers like Halloween parties and can always use unique costumes. You can wear the cloak at a Halloween party to stand out from all the other partiers. Or, you can also pair it with spooky pants to create a more Halloween-oriented outfit.

Some users also like to wear scary makeup with their cloaks. The choices of customizations are endless, and your imagination is the limit.

Park Plays

You can use the Attack On Titan cloaks to spice up your everyday park walks. On sunny days you can use the attached hood for shadowing your face. You can also play an AOT-themed quest game where everyone can dress up like different show characters.

Birthday Celebrations

If your friend loves the manga to an insane level, you can arrange some performances with AOT cloaks. Alternatively, you can pick some ideal scenes from the show and mimic them with dance moves to charm the celebration.


The AOT fans never get tired of collecting manga-customized products, and the cloak will be a perfect addition to their collection. You make it more memorable by pairing it with a name-customized AOT necklace.


If you are into photoshoots, then the AOT cloaks will elevate them like nothing else. You can also use green screens to create realistic-looking pictures with Levi Ackerman or Annie Leonhart!

A Gang Insignia

You can purchase multiple AOT cloaks to make your gang stand out if you have a sizeable friend group. It is ideal for street walks and game quests. Also, the neighboring AOT fans will likely join your crew.


The Attack On Titan cloaks are based on the dark fantasy manga show aired in 2013. Multiple fan-made products have popped into the market ever since. However, the AOT capes are the most popular. The cloaks are made from durable materials and are wrinkle-free, abrasion-resistant, and feathery light.

You can use them in numerous settings to create your own unique style. The list above will help you understand the situations in which the cloaks fit perfectly. But you can literally wear them anywhere as long as it is not a formal place.



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